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Administration Reduces Federal Regulations

top story photo The Trump Administration today on Thursday that it has withdrawn hundreds of regulations as part of its ongoing regulatory reform initiative.

The White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs indicated that the Trump Administration has withdrawn 469 regulations from a report in the fall of 2016 during President Obama's tenure. The Trump Administration also reclassified another 391 regulations as "inactive" or "long-term." The agency indicated the change in status will allow for "further careful review."

"By amending and eliminating regulations that are ineffective, duplicative, and obsolete, the Administration can promote economic growth and innovation and protect individual liberty," a White House said in a one-page document.

The Department of Transportation has terminated or withdrawn approximately 30 regulations, and the Department of Homeland Security has eliminated more than 15 additional regulations.

The DOT list includes a rulemaking that "would have required certificated airports to complete a wildlife hazard assessment (WHA) and a wildlife hazard management plan (WHMP) to identify and mitigate wildlife hazards." The FAA had previously determined that a separate rulemaking involving Safety Management Systems "should accomplish the same goal."

AAAE and ACI-NA have been working together to urge the Administration to reduce red tape and eliminate unnecessary federal regulations that hamper airports around the country. Earlier this year, the two organizations shared a long list of specific airport regulatory relief proposals with White House officials.

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