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Saturday, May 26, 2018 - 19:07ET

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Candidates Pass AAAE Certified Member Exam

top story photo A number of individuals have passed the Certified Member exam: Sara Massey, C.M., Jacksonville, Fla.; John McGrogan, C.M., Pittsburgh, Pa.; John McGrogan, C.M., Pittsburgh, Pa.; David Jonason, C.M., Harwich, Mass.; Evan McDougal, C.M., Manchester, N.H.; Terry Parker, C.M., San Angelo, Texas; Michael Hurst, C.M., Saint Joseph, Mo.; Jason Apt, C.M., Moscow, Idaho; Richard Cloutier, C.M., Auburn, Maine; Dan Sprinkle, C.M., Denver, Colo.; Mael Couturier, C.M., Denver, Colo.; Alan Graff, Jr., C.M. Madison, Wis.; Michelle Swanson, C.M., Salina, Kan.; Rylan Juran, C.M., Minneapolis, Minn.; Scott Coffman, C.M., Macon, Ga.; Joseph Amuso, C.M., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Brian Colella, C.F., C.M., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Alexander Peric, C.M., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Dawn Spence, C.M., Moon Township, Pa.; Robert Chapman, C.M., P.E., McDonough, Ga.; Kristen Pickworth, C.M., Charlotte, N.C.; Jon Delgado, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; and Cody Roggatz, C.M., Lubbock, Texas.

The following individuals became Certified members during the Alaska Onsite C.M. Review Course held earlier this year; Stephen Brunanski, C.M., Fairbanks, Alaska; Daniel Buchholz, C.M., Fairbanks, Alaska; David Cummings, C.M., Bethel, Alaska; Steven Hatter, C.M., Anchorage, Alaska; Stephen Henry, C.M., Fairbanks, Alaska; Debra Herrick, C.M., Anchorage, Alaska; Thomas Hubble, C.M., Eagle River, Alaska; Paul Khera, C.M., Juneau, Alaska; Robert Madden Jr. , C.M., Nome, Alaska; Melissa Osborn, ACE, C.M., Fairbanks, Alaska; Stephen Parry, C.M., Anchorage, Alaska; Christopher Pike, C.M., Bethel, Alaska; Javier Robinson, C.M., Anchorage, Alaska; Angela Spear, C.M., Fairbanks, Alaska; and Dustin Tupper, C.M., Fairbanks, Alaska.

The following individuals became Certified Members at the Loretta Scott Certification/Accreditation Academy in Dallas, Texas, held earlier this year: Kim Arnsdorff, C.M., ACE, Savannah, Ga.; Dion Bailey, C.M., Hercules, Calif.; David DiMaria, C.M., Ypsilanti, Mich.; Charles Goedken, C.M., Seattle, Wash.; Michael Grove, C.M., Federal Way, Wash.; George Hodgson, C.M., ACE, Milwaukee, Wis.; Charles Jones, C.M., Little Rock, Ark.; Andrew LaGala, C.M., Tampa, Fla.; Morris Martin, C.M., San Antonio, Texas; Chuck Miller, C.M., Anchorage, Alaska; Alfred Moreno, C.M., New York, N.Y.; James Nilo, C.M., ACE, Richmond, Va.; Donald Palandech, C.M., Oro Valley, Ariz.; Phillip Ridenour, C.M., Hagerstown, Md.; Derek Schneider, C.M., Austin, Texas; Robert Stafford, C.M., ACE, Eugene, Ore.; Darrell Watson, C.M., Louisville, Ky.; Mark Wiebke, C.M., Charlotte, N.C.; Bryan Wren, C.M., Harlingen, Texas; Shane Wright, C.M., Saint George, Kan.; and Ryan Zulauf, C.M., Renton, Wash.

The following individuals became Certified Members during an onsite review course for Los Angeles World Airports held earlier this year: Lowell Carson, Jr., C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Tony Chen, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Ronald Domash, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Leah Grossi, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Paul Herrara, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Steven Jones, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Micaela Leblanc, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Flora Margheritis, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Peter Morejon, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Brian Pecenka, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Michael Strouse, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; Jaideep Vaswani, C.M., Los Angeles, Calif.; and Bob Werner, Jr., C.M.

The Certified Member designation is useful for individuals seeking employment within the airport management profession, for professionals who interface with airport executives, and for airport personnel who may not wish to complete the full accreditation process. Candidates in the C.M. program obtain the designation by completing a 180-question, multiple-choice examination. The multiple-choice exam is comprised of information contained in the Body of Knowledge modules, and measures a candidate's comprehensive knowledge of airport management, regardless of airport size. Throughout this process, candidates have the opportunity to learn more about the aviation industry and enhance their careers and professional opportunities with a highly respected credential.

For additional information on the Certified Member program, contact Amy Calliari at amy.calliari@aaae.org.

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