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House Approves FAA Bill

top story photo The House Thursday evening approved an FAA bill that would raise the PFC cap to $7 and increase AIP funding by $100 million per year. The House passed the measure - H.R. 915, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009 - by a vote of 277 to 136.

Although the bill includes a number of airport priorities, it contains a provision that could force airports to comply with excessive NFPA standards. AAAE strongly opposes that provision.

The FAA reauthorization debate now shifts to the Senate, where lawmakers on the aviation subcommittee are expected to introduce their version of the bill in June.

AAAE legislative and regulatory members may view the full Airport Alert online at http://www.aaae.org/federal_affairs/airport_legislative_alliance/airport_alerts/viewalert.cfm?alert_id=652CC1E1-B478-8CCF-A48E15E03A2CB09B&year=2009.

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